Getting Work Done Through People

Getting People Done Through Work

Friday, May 14, 2010

Free Consulting Services

Free Consulting to New and Potential Clients.

Receive up to 4 Hours per Week for up to 4 Weeks at No Charge.

Information Technology

  • Planning for a New Project
  • Process and Workflow Design
  • Strategic Consultations
  • Third-Party Review and Vendor Oversite
  • Alignment of IT Department With Business Goals
  • Kick-Start or Revamp Troubled Projects
  • Software Development for E-Commerce and Web Applications
  • ... and more


Organizational Development

  • Strengths-Based Performance Plan
  • Employee Engagement & Empowerment Program
  • Leadership / Management Consultation & Coaching
  • Performance Planning & Evaluations
  • Coaching in Soft-Skills & Business Practices
  • ... and more


  • It's Free
  • We Get to Work Together...
    • Without long-term commitments
    • With no financial commitment
  • Test-Drive My Services
  • Discover Mutual "Fit"
  • No Obligation

How it works...

  • New or Potential Clients Only
  • Up to 4 Hours Per Week
    • Depending on availability
    • Including travel time
    • Excess hours billed at standard rate
  • Up to 4 Consecutive Weeks
    • Depending on availability and scope of work
  • I Reserve The Right to Accept or Decline
  • Limited Availability of Free Hours

This free, limited service gives you the opportunity to address projects or issues within your company using my services. Whether it’s a short-term project that can be completed in the allotted time, you want to start a longer-term project but first want to see if I’m the right person, or you just need some help getting something moving forward.

Of course, I make this offer with the hopes that you will find my services valuable to your organization and that future work will come from it – but there is no obligation for such.

Contact Kevin Burkholder to discuss your business needs and how Kevin can improve performance, employee engagement and overall company growth.


Call (717) 673-8538 or send email to KBurkholder@EarthAsylum.com

Kevin Burkholder is an Excellence-driven professional with over 25 years experience in leading projects and people, implementing and overseeing technology programs, and administering all facets of technology initiatives.

Kevin’s approach to organizational development centers on talent, values, and personality. By discovering each person’s strengths, incorporating them into their daily activities, and working around their weaknesses, each individual can achieve undiscovered performance and satisfaction, become fully engaged in their work, and add to the accomplishments of their organization at levels far beyond current expectations.

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