Getting Work Done Through People

Getting People Done Through Work

Friday, May 14, 2010

Referral Program

90% of My Business Comes From Referrals -

You Should Get Something For It.

Referrals are my number one source for new clients.

Now you can earn up to 10% for referring qualified new clients.


It's simple... You refer a new client and I’ll pay you 10% of what I earn, up to $1,000, for the first eight weeks of revenue earned from that client.

Time starts from the first hour of work and ends two months later or when you’ve earned $1,000. Your 10% comes off the top – from the gross amount invoiced for any and all services.


Here’s how it works... 

I begin working with a new client that you referred and I bill them $500 per week for the next 12 weeks. You would earn $50 per week for the first 8 weeks for a total of $400.

If I invoice that client $1,000 per week, you would earn $100 per week for the first 8 weeks for a total of $800.

If I invoice that client at $3,000 per week, you would earn $300 for the first 3 weeks and $100 for the 4th week for a total of $1,000.

If I invoice that client at $6,000 per week, you would earn $600 for the 1st week and $400 for the 2nd week for a total of $1,000.


What are the limitations?

Not much.

  • New clients only. Any client that I have worked for in the past is excluded.

  • Only the first 8 consecutive weeks are included in the referral program. For example, if I work for a new client, that you refer, for 4 weeks in January and again for 4 weeks in March, only the first 4 weeks are eligible.

  • The maximum referral amount is $1,000.

  • You will be paid after I have received payment and when there is no liability on the money received.


How will I get paid?

You will get paid within two weeks of when I get paid. This is important... clients and projects may be invoiced at varying intervals and under varying agreements.

Here are a few scenarios in which I invoice clients and projects...


  • The client is invoiced for each week the week after the work has been performed.


  • The client is invoiced for the month the week after the end of the month.

Per Project

  • The client is invoiced at the completion of the project. The length of the project may be weeks of months.

Percentage of Project

  • The client is billed a percentage of the estimated total at the beginning of the project, another percentage at the middle of the project, and the remaining amount at the end of the project. This type of project is usually large and over a long period of time. Your earnings would most likely come from the first invoice.

The most common is Per Project. I typically produce an estimate for the client. The client approves the estimate and I begin work. When the project is completed, I invoice the client and the client pays the invoice (note that the actual invoice may not be the same as the original estimate).

Most clients pay me within 15 or 30 days of when they receive the invoice.

What you earn is based off of when I do the work, not when the work is invoiced.

When you get paid is based off of when the invoice is paid, not when I do the work.


What must I do to participate?

  1. Have the potential client contact me and make sure to tell them to give me your name and contact information.

  2. Contact me and give me the potential client’s contact information and background. The more you can tell me about the client the better. I will contact the client directly.


Who is a “potential client”?

Today, nearly every business has IT needs and performance concerns. Every company is interested in getting the most from both their IT projects and their employees, managers, and leaders. I can help them do that.

If the client you refer is not interested in my services or we cannot come to an agreement, you’ve lost nothing.


What if the “potential client” is my own company?

That’s fine. If you refer me to your manager, your IT director, or your HR department, you will still benefit from this referral program.

If you are a decision maker in your organization and would be the one with whom I would contract, than to avoid any ethical violation or sense of impropriety, this referral program would become a discount program for your company.

In this scenario, your company may be qualified to receive some services for free and additional services at a 10% discount. (See Free Services)


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