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Saturday, May 15, 2010

eac::Framework for PHP & JavaScript


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Marketing, Design, Security, Development A lightweight PHP and JavaScript architecture for Web 2.0 applications and e-commerce systems eac::Framework, eac::Framework/PHP, eac::Framework/Javascript Efficient, Modular, Lightweight, Secure

eac::Framework is a lightweight PHP and JavaScript framework for Web 2.0 applications and e-commerce systems.

The PHP framework, which runs on the web server, consists of the core programs and libraries and adds a number of plug-in modules that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the web site.

The JavaScript framework, which runs in the client browser, follows a similar structure of a core script library with plug-in modules used for specific purposes and design elements.

Both components of the eac::Framework are built to be efficient, modular, secure, customizable and, most of all, compatible with the most popular web servers and web browsers.

Security is a high level concern for all web sites and thus is a primary focus within the eac::Framework software. When implemented and used correctly, eac::Framework will make any web site, regardless of the data being captured, exceedingly secure by protecting all personally identifiable information.


The core components of the PHP framework provide for definition of the server configuration, option settings for the entire server and/or individual web sites and pages, and a common function library used throughout the system. These components are loaded with every PHP page on the web site.

The plug-in components include the following:

eac::error *

Manages all error and exception handling by capturing detailed environment and state information and securely delivering, via PGP encryption, information to the web master for analysis and action.


Securely and intelligently manages sessions, or continuous activity by a single visitor, using encryption to ensure that saved information cannot be compromised by a would-be hacker. eac::session recognizes most search engine crawlers and manages a single session when a site is crawled even when the crawler uses multiple connection.


Manages all server-side credentials needed by the web site – such as SQL database passwords, encryption keys, and ftp logon identities. eac::keychain is a secure SQL database maintained outside of the web space that uses full encryption to prevent unauthorized access to any of the web site credentials. Your credentials no longer need to be insecurely coded within your PHP applications.


A framework in itself used to manage the creation, storage, and retrieval of nearly any type of data within a secure SQL database. eac::dataobjects uses data encryption and compression for both security and efficiency.


A component to track sessions (unique and repeat), page hits, and other activity on a web site. Works in conjunction with eac::sourcing to track all activity at the source/campaign level. Coming soon: a JavaScript component to track activity within the browser and to provide more detailed information about the browsing session.


A marketers dream.  Where do your visitors come from? How do they differ in their activity? How can you track pay-per-click and search engine activity? How can you customize your site based on specific promotions? What is the response rate of a given banner ad? eac::sourcing answers all of these questions by, first, determining how a visitor got to your site, then providing specific attributes which can be used throughout your site for customized layout and/or actions. eac::sourcing also tracks activity by source (through eac::tracker) and provides A/B split testing and customized programming based on source.


Provides easy to use and customizable data encryption throughout the entire system. Supports numerous ciphers including those used for U.S. Government ‘Top-Secret” security. Uses high-density, scrambled 256bit keys (no human every knows the actual key being used), and provides data integrity for any type of file.


A highly critical security component that provides filtering and validation of all input data. Designed to meet and exceed the recommendations of the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). eac::filter prevents XSS and reports (cross-site-scripting) attacks, SQL injections, and many other types of malicious activity.


A system used to create html forms, fields, and fieldsets using parameter files (or templates) to define input fields and associated characteristics or attributes. Field definitions include allowable values, validation rules, help hints, custom error messages and work-flow settings (synchronizing fields, skipping or hiding associated fields, etc.). eac::formgen supports all html form field types (and a few custom field types), has over 25 validation rules for any field, validates the field when entered and the form when submitted. Supports AJAX methods for form submission and custom validations.

eac::caching *

Provides web site optimization through intelligent server and client side caching and compression of all text documents – including html, style sheet, JavaScript, xml, and non-dynamic PHP files.


A mail utility used for sending email from a web application. Supports a variety of mail servers, protocols, and options. Supports multiple email parts such as text, html, file attachments, and in-line images. Includes PGP encryption for secure email.

eac::curl & eac::streams *

Two components used for server-to-server communication via http and https. Provides for http POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, HEAD, and TRACE methods as well as basic authentication.

eac::download *

A download manager that logs and reports download activity, ensures that only files that should be downloaded are downloaded, and only visitors accessing the download properly can download a file.


This is a component and a mini-application that is still in the works. It provides authentication via Basic and Digest http protocols as well as customized form-based authentication via standard POST and AJAX methods. eac::authentication includes unique session management methods for multiple realms within the same domain. Includes a variety of methods (security level, group membership, allowable applications/functions) to restrict access according to assigned user rights. Uses eac::dataobjects and eac::encryption to securely manage all user/authentication data.

eac::timer & eac::posttest *

For the web developer. These components help with the programming and testing of web pages and PHP scripts. eac::timer tracks the timing (start to finish) of entire scripts and/or individual functions. eac::posttest is a simple method for testing form posts and provides detailed results for http GET and POST requests.



* These components have been released to the community as open-source and are being used around the world in a variety of applications.


The JavaScript framework (known as “eac::scripts”) provides a number of functions that ease the development process and enhance the look, feel, and functionality of a web site. The core component includes element management functions, cookie management, JavaScript and Style Sheet management, and cross-browser positioning functions as well as many other helpers and utility functions.

The plug-in components include the following:


Automatically Adds smooth scrolling to page anchors within a web page. (scroll down)

Live at http://www.totalgymdirect.com/total-gym-testimonials-weight-loss.php


Creates tabs and drop-down menus from simple html elements. Uses standard cascading style declarations to format tabs and tab content. Supports multiple tab sets on a page and embedded tabs within a tab set.

Live at http://www.totalgymdirect.com/total-gym-xls.php


Automates the task of creating rollover effects for images and other html elements. Supports in-place rollover effects as well as alternate content in a different part of the page.

Live at http://www.totalgymdirect.com/why-to-buy-total-gym.php


Easily creates vertical and horizontal image (and non-image) slider blocks (typically used in an image gallery) based on simple html markup.

Live at http://www.totalgymdirect.com/total-gym-testimonials.php


Creates pop-up and floating windows using a variety of content from standard html pages, images, or media files to hidden elements within the page or the results of an AJAX request to the server.

Live at http://www.totalgymdirect.com/total-gym-chuck-norris-christie-brinkley.php


Creates a popup or floating window when a visitor leaves the site. Supports a variety of content and suppresses the window while the user is still navigating through the site - even when using the browser’s back button. Multiple exit-pops can be shown and each can be set to show on a per-visit, per-session, per-week, or per-month timing.


A JavaScript class used to communicate with the web server via AJAX. A PHP sister component exists on the server that answers requests allowing server side PHP functions to be executed via JavaScript from within the browser. Works in conjunction with eac::error to report browser and JavaScript errors.

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Who Uses eac::Framework?

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eac::Framework is a lightweight PHP & JavaScript framework for Web 2.0 Applications and E-Commerce systems.

For more information, visit http://www.KevinBurkholder.com/framework

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