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WebAgent Navigator


A comprehensive, full-service, web based, call scripting and contact management system for call centers, sales groups, and customer service teams.

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All parties are better served with an intelligently scripted call that a) provides the caller with the information they want and the services they request; b) provides the telephone agent with the precise call flow, prompts, and information they need to service the caller; and c) provides the client with accurate data for both fulfilling customer requests and data analysis.

WebAgent Navigator is, first, a fully programmable scripting engine that provides customized call flow scripting for telephone agents to respond to both inbound and outbound customer and prospect calls. By utilizing specific, detailed and intelligent call scripts, productivity is enhanced through…

  • Decreased training time

  • Increased agent confidence and morale

  • Increased accuracy, consistency, and integrity

  • Efficiency from the agent through to backend departments and functions

  • Increased customer satisfaction, first call resolution, conversions and upsells

  • Reduced total call time

WebAgent Navigator handles incoming calls from a PBX (currently Asterisk & Avaya), outbound calls using VICIDial Predictive Dialer or through it’s own internal Lead Server (a non-predictive, rules-based, search-and-dial system), and customer call-backs through a comprehensive callback scheduling system. WebAgent Navigator can also be used for non-telephone data-entry from mail, email, voice-mail and other correspondences.

WebAgent Navigator is integrated with Google Analytics for easy tracking of calls, call flows, call results, popular paths, custom events, and more.

WebAgent Navigator is integrated with Google Analytics

WebAgent Navigator is fully integrated with QueueMetrics Call Center Management Software so you can monitor agent productivity, measure targets and conversion rates, and view campaign statistics with a simple easy to use interface.

WebAgent Navigator is fully integrated with QueueMetrics

WebAgent Navigator easily integrates with other 3rd-party systems through common application interfaces or custom programming. It also has the ability to share form data with external 3rd-party web sites to reduce redundant data-entry, share data across those sites, or use those sites as extensions to the call script.,

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WebAgent Navigator Features

  • Handles inbound and outbound calls

  • Custom scripts per campaign

  • Multiple campaigns & environments with multiple queues per environment

  • Script entry point and variations by DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service)

  • Integrated outbound lead server with lead management system

  • Vary script complexity and/or verbosity based on queue volume and/or agent skills

  • Automatic data retrieval from IVR data or caller ID

  • Call transfer (to queue or agent) with complete transaction history

    • When a call is transferred, the 2nd agent can pick up where the 1st agent left off

  • Integrated Callback scheduler

  • Integrated Do-Not-Call system

  • Federal and state regulatory compliance rules by campaign

  • Transaction-state save and automatic call back if call is dropped

  • Comprehensive and robust data validation rules

    • 30+ field types with over 30 validation rules with optional dependencies

    • Custom validation on each page submit

  • Address verification via USPS, UPS, FedEx or other 3rd-party

  • Comprehensive and detailed call dispositioning with multiple outcomes and reasons

  • Custom end-of-call tallies

  • Retains call history with complete caller responses

  • Agent trouble reporting

  • Supervisor override requirements for restricted functions and activities

  • Script A/B testing

  • Agent activity tracking (call time, on-hold time, after call work, breaks, training, etc.)

  • 3rd-party integration and data sharing

  • Shell/batch XML script processing for data imports, exports, and maintenance

  • Data encryption

  • PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance and OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) standards

  • Integrated API to provide access to WebAgent services, or populate external call transactions

  • Plugin/addon architecture for global and campaign level integrations and customizations using event dispatchers and global callback functions

  • … and more …

Stocksy_comp_1723945 2.jpg