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A comprehensive, full-service, web based, call scripting and contact management system for call centers, sales groups, and customer service teams.

WebAgent Navigator is a fully programmable scripting engine that provides customized call flow scripting for telephone agents to respond to both inbound and outbound customer and prospect calls.

➠ Click here for more details on WebAgent Navigator.

  • This demonstration has been designed to show some of the features of WebAgent Navigator and to allow you to explore and become familiar with the application.

  • You will be logged in as a phone agent or Telephone Service Representative (TSR) waiting to accept incoming phone calls or make outbound calls to customers and/or prospects.

  • The softphone (software based telephone) used in this demonstration emulates a real telephone... it acts like it dials, connects, answers, holds, transfers, and pauses the agent (i.e. for after-call work) but it does not connect to a phone switch/PBX or actually dial a phone.

Once logged in, the first thing you'll want to try is Demo Inbound Call or Demo Sales Call. Both emulate an incomming call. You can also use Customer Search & Dial to emulate an outbound call to an existing customer.

The Prospect Search & Dial is used to search the leads database and the Preview Next Prospect uses the Lead Server to automatically select the next available prospect to call.


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 If you have any questions or problems, or would like further information or a guided demonstration, please contact Kevin Burkholder via email or phone.

Please note that the web server this demonstration is running on is a high-volume, public server. Expect latency and slowness and please be patient. Also, the WebAgent software running for this demonstration is the Beta version with many new enhancements.